I must admit that, sadly, I did not try coffee here, for it was too late. I was trying to get some good sleep that night. I will focus more on the experience overall.

Character (1)

There wasn’t really a whole lot to this place. It was kind of dark inside. There were some couches with coffee tables in the middle. The couches were kind of big though, not usual for a coffee shop. Little decoration. However, there is an upstairs that may be a bit better. I did not make my way up there.

Comfort (2)

While the couches were not appealing, they were very comfortable, and the AC worked well. Thumbs up for that, but with that said, I still would not want to stay super long. It’s not the most relaxing place in my mind.

Coffee (?)

As stated above, I did not have any coffee there, but I will say that there was advertised kopi luwak (luwak coffee) for only Rp. 60k per cup. Part of me questions whether or not it’s 100% kopi luwak though…

Price: ~Rp. 20k (I think)

Brewing Methods: some manuel methods (I believe)

Singe Origin: I think

Sorry for so¬†unknowns with the coffee…

Overall Rating: 1

Recommended? Nope

If without having coffee here, I can confidently say it’s not worth it. I may go back just for the sake of getting a cup of coffee to complete this review, but that would be the only reason. With so many great coffee shops in Jogja, there’s no reason to waste time here. There is, however, other Kedai Kopi on Ring Road Utara, which from the outside, seems to be better. I may try that one at a later date.



Address: Kedai Kopi 403, 6.5, Jalan Kaliurang, Indonesia