This coffee shop is found at a gas station, and like many shops in Jogja, Top Gear opens at 4pm. For me, this is very sad, for I rarely drink coffee after 4. I went right at 4, so it was just opening. This definitely impacted the experience.

Character (2)

I sat downstairs in the small entry room. There is, however, a very large lounge-like room upstairs. It was not open yet when I went. Regardless, it felt more like a club up there, so I would stick to downstairs for a coffee shop feel. There were only a few tables down there though. There really wasn’t anything that stuck out about it other than that…

They also roast downstairs, which is interesting.

Comfort (2)

Like I said, upstairs had couches on couches on couches, so I’m sure it’s very comfortable. I was downstairs at a very average table and chair set-up. Nothing really to note.

The AC didn’t work well, but perhaps that’s just because it hadn’t had time to cool the place down yet.

Coffee (4)

The coffee was good. I had a cup of Sumatra coffee (not sure of which origin exactly), which was solid. They were several single origin options from around Indonesia on the menu, although not all are available.

Price: not sure, ~20k

Brewing Methods: not sure

Single Origin? Yes

Overall Rating: 2

Recommended? No, but great place to buy equipment/coffee

My experience there was just not very memorable. There wasn’t really anything bad about the place, but not really anything exceptionally good either. Perhaps it would be a good place to go later at night to hangout with people upstairs, but that’s not what I am looking for when searching coffee shops.

**Update: I have learned much more about this place. While it might not be the best coffee shop, it is well known in Jogja. Many coffee shops buy coffee that was roasted by them, and you can also buy freshly roasted coffee there. They also happen to be the only place in town I know of where you can buy a Chemex, V60, and other equipment like that.



Address: No., Jl. C Simanjutak No.17, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55223, Indonesia