I will say that my perception of Awor will probably be skewed a bit since I work in Yap Square (the complex that Awor is in). Because of that, everyone I know knows about it, so it’s lost a little bit of its hipster value. It took me nearly four months to finally walk around the corner and try it out for myself.

Character (4)

This shop comes with pretty good ambience. The music is right on point, although one time I was in there it was super loud. Photographs from around Indonesia cover the walls, and from what I hear, they regularly change them. That’s nice to see the beauty of Indonesia.

It has a nice high bar to sit up at, as well as many tables. However, there is only one couch, which is positioned to where I would feel bad taking it for myself without a group.

It’s a medium sized shop with great feel.


Comfort (2)

It’s very average when it comes to comfort. One reason why I avoided it for so long is because people always said it was smoky. I’ve been in there twice now, and it’s big enough, with good enough ventilation, to not be a problem.

The seating isn’t great, but I sat pretty comfortably at the bar last time for more than two hours.

The AC doesn’t work that great, but the wifi is good. As I mentioned before, the music was way too loud (for conversation) the first time I went, but not so the second. (Update: the music has never been a problem since)

Coffee (4)

The coffee here is great. It is the cheapest cup of manual brewed, single origin coffee I have found so far. Thumbs up to that! This is also the only place that I have found to sell single origin coffee from around the world, not just Indonesia (only four options though). Whether that’s good or bad, you decide. Personally I’d rather explore Indonesian coffees.

Price: 23k

Brewing Methods: All

Single Origin? Yes (from around the world)

Overall Rating: 3

Recommended? Yes

This is a great place to go to get high quality coffee at a fairly cheap price (same price as a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts). This definitely deserves a visit, although if you’re hoping to try different Indonesian coffees, you better look somewhere else. It will probably be one of my most visited shops.



Address: Jl. C. Simanjuntak, Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55223, Indonesia