Next to Dunkin’ Donuts, I have been to this coffee shop the most out of any others, which is so sad (you’ll understand once you read this…). It’s just a convenient place for me to meet people. With that said, I have tried many coffee drinks, and I’ll just say it now. I’m not really excited about any of them.

Character (2)

It’s okay. The tables look kind of cool, but are not very good. I hear upstairs is better, but I’ve never been up there because I usually go with somebody who just quit smoking…that’s the smoking section.

However, they do play country music sometimes, which is nice. It’s good to hear a little Luke Bryan and Eric Church every now and again here in Indonesia.

Comfort (1)

This is the most uncomfortable coffee shop I’ve been to…anywhere. There is a cushioned bench along one of the walls, but often times that’s taken. Otherwise you must sit on wooden boxes or terrible wooden chairs. How can a chair be so uncomfortable…?

Also many of the tables aren’t balanced. Be careful and keep your hands away from the table, or you may lose your drink.

The AC is good. The downstairs is non-smoking too, which is the only reason we go here instead of the much better Awor next door.

Coffee (1)

If we’re speaking strictly coffee, it’s dreadful. It’s brewed in your cup. The first few sips have a ton of grounds in them no matter how long you wait because they get stuck all over the rim of the mug.

With that said, the espresso drinks are good. Personally I enjoy the macchiato,  plus they come with a tiny free cookie!

However, here I review based on the coffee only, not the espresso.

Price: 13k

Brewing Methods: in cup (tubruk)

Single Origin? No

Overall Rating: 1

Recommended: Definitely NOT

There is no reason to go here whatsoever. Awor is right next door, and Ayara is a few minute walk down the road. Don’t settle.



Address: YAP Square B-10, Jl. C. Simanjuntak No. 2, Kec. Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55225, Indonesia