I found this place on by total accident. I was actually driving to go to a different coffee shop when I saw the sign. I immediately turned back, so I could check it out. I must say that this was a pleasant find.

Character (3)

This place is a little more Indonesian than others, meaning that it’s not all put together. It’s a little messy. Some things are kind of broken, but I say it adds to the character. It’s also pretty clear that this place is much more popular at night. It has the kind of feel that it would be full of people and smoke into the wee-hours of the morning (open til 0400!).

Unlike most shops, this one plays exclusively Indonesian music, only adding to the previous effect.

I kind of like it for a pretty quick stop and a change of scenery, but I can see how some people might hate it.

Comfort (2)

This place is jammed full of couches, meaning there are far more couches than chairs. I find this to be a pleasant surprise because so many shops around this city just have hard, flat wooden chairs and stools. That’ll ruin any good coffee shop if you plan to stay long. The couch that I was on was awesome!

No surprise though, there are few (workable) tables. Most are low coffee tables, which are not ideal for working. But again, that’s not really the vibe of this place. It’s definitely a place to just chill out, although it does have a bit of a funky smell.

The biggest drawback to comfort for me was how loud the traffic was outside. It made reading not as enjoyable or easy.

There is no AC though, which is a knock on the comfort level. As much as I say no AC doesn’t bother me, the truth is if I’m going to stay somewhere a long time, I want AC. Also for some reason I don’t really like using my computer in no AC environments…The wifi is pretty good though.

Coffee (3)

I really wanted to give it a 10, but I just couldn’t. There was a subtle but undeniable strange flavor to my coffee that just seemed off. It could just be me, but it just didn’t seem right. Otherwise it’s great. Mandheling coffee is on the menu, which got me pumped! (favorite coffee in America) Mandheling is not readily available around here, only other Sumatra coffee, so that was a pleasant surprise. The price is also right on par with the cheapest manual brew coffee I’ve found. I’ll also add that it was almost enough for two cups too.

Price: ~21k

Brewing Methods: V60, Vietnam Drip, French press, Turkish

Single Origin? yes and many

Overall Rating: 2

Recommended? not really

It’s got a lot of really great couches, but typically that’s not something one seeks when looking for a coffee shop. There are better places.



Address: Jalan Selokan Mataram No. 8, Kec. Depok, Jawa Barat 55283, Indonesia