I heard about this place about a month ago when asking one of my Indonesian friends where the best coffee shop in Jogja is. Studio Kopi was his answer, and I can see why, especially for a mahasiswa (college student).

Character (3)

It’s pretty cool inside. It’s got nice white and black painted brick walls. The music is on point, with a great song selection and volume. The entire front wall is open, so unfortunately you can hear traffic some, but it’s not a big issue.


Overall, it’s just a nice, little cozy shop. Plus they get a bonus for having a mini Christmas tree inside. Because of its small size, the aroma of the coffee brewing was good, even with the open front.

Comfort (2)

It’s okay. There are two low tables with couches facing them, but the rest is just short wooden stools. There isn’t AC, so that may be a deal-breaker for some. Overall, I think it’s better for just hanging out than working or reading.

Did I mention how good the music is???

Coffee (4)

Unfortunately, the only coffee they offer is kopi tubruk (brewed in your cup). But fear not! They have many espresso drinks, and the Americano is superb. I don’t drink Americanos much, but this one stands as the best I’ve had (and the cheapest!). It’s served piping hot, but as it cools, it only gets better.

Note: They have a breakfast coffee menu that goes until 12pm. After that, I believe the price doubles, but there may also be more coffee options. Also it would be just plain wrong of me not to mention the delicious cake and pie for sale for only 6k!

Price: only 6k! (until 12pm)

Brewing Methods: machine, V60

Single Origin? Yes

Overal Rating: 4

Recommended? Yes

I definitely recommend it! The price is unbeatable, so it’s a great place to go for some morning jo or a morning coffee meeting. They’re also constantly roasting and selling fresh coffee.


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Address: Ruko Babarsari BBC Plaza, Jl. Babarsari No.5, Kec. Depok, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia

(Note: when you search it, it shows up as Kopi Item…I’m not sure why, but this address will bring you to the right place.)