Finally, here is the third installment of my reviews on Lagani Coffee Co. (three different locations in Jogja). I went to the first one yesterday and two today because…why not? It’s that good!

Character (4)

If you look up Lagani Coffee, most pictures will come from this location and for good reason. It’s super nice, open, and flows really well, although there’s nothing super flashy about it. It’s still very simple. Don’t get me wrong though. It’s not completely empty and boring. There is a good amount of wall art.

Immediately upon walking in I noticed a cool orange, retro fridge in the back corner. Very nice. The back wall is painted up with a pretty cool, but simple design. It’s got nice wood floors, cool white-painted brick wall, and high ceilings. It’s also got a side meeting room type space. Basically it’s got a little bit of everything good without overdoing anything. It’s very nice and open, which I find refreshing.

With that said, it’s definitely the biggest of the Lagani coffee shops, which made it less personal. Your only encounter with the barista is while ordering, but I suppose that’s up to you. The others are so small though, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that you would talk to them some.

Comfort (4)

The music is the same ‘ol reliable Lagani music, comprised mostly of quality Indonesian tunes. The AC is so-so. It keeps it at a very comfortable temperature, especially given that it is quite large. The wifi is excellent, even with a handful of people using it.

The room is fitted with many seating options. There are several couches, as well as tables. There’s something for everyone!

Coffee (3)

I actually ordered a cappuccino here for the first time in my life because I had already drank two coffees at the other Lagani…I must say though, it was delicious. The coffee art was on point too. As I mentioned before, Lagani actually has an award for the best coffee art in Jogja.

Sadly though, this location does not have single origin coffee like the others…just espresso drinks (among other non-coffee drinks). Perhaps I am giving it too high a grade given that fact, but these baristas are the real deal, not just waiters serving up coffee. All that I have met have years of experience, and one even won the regional barista competition for Jogja. I think that deserves at least a 7, even without non-espresso coffee.

Price: 20k (cappuccino)

Brewing Methods: machine (just espresso)

Single Origin? No

Overall Rating: 4

Recommended? yes

As with the other Lagani locations, I absolutely recommend this shop. Lagani has proven to be the best coffee brand in Jogja with the best (with skill and kindness) baristas. Out of the three, this one is the best to come and relax. No real complaints. If you really want to relax and get manual brew coffee, just go down the street, get one to-go, and bring it here…problem solved!


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Address: Jl. Cendrawasih No. 8, Demangan, Yogyakarta

(Note: the Instagram says that it’s on the 2nd floor of the RSCH building. That appears to be wrong. It’s actually just 150 meters or so further down the road from the other location on Jl. Cendrawasih)