So yesterday I visited Lagani Coffee on Jl. Cendrawasih for my first time. I ended up staying there all day. What a great shop it was! Upon writing the review later that night, I found their Instagram, which revealed two more locations in Jogja, including one just 150 meters down the road!!! Of course today I had to visit them, both of them. I now write the review to the second one while in the third. Needless to say, I’m in love with Lagani.

Character (3)

Just like the last location on Jl. Cendrawasih, this shop is small. One side of the room has the same style low bar with round stool seating. The other side has a cushioned booth extending along the wall with four (two person) tables along it. There is also an outside bar with about four stools.

The back wall is painted up nice, Indonesian style. This location has the same great playlist of Indonesian music. Also, the barista is very welcoming, just as with the other. We talked for a bit, which was cool because I got to practice my Indonesian! Because it’s small, it’s very personal. He had worked there for four years, and spoke of how he was continuing to read and watch videos to learn how to make coffee better. Lagani baristas are the real deal, true professionals. I learned that they rotate around through the different locations, with this being the newest, opening only four months ago.

Also note that this location is right next to Malioboro, the tourist hotspot of Jogja, and in the heart of backpacker territory. As a result, many bule (foreigners) came and went during my time there. Personally, I like to stay away from tourists and fellow bule, so for me, this was a slight drawback. I don’t like feeling like a tourist…

Comfort (2)

While this location did have cushioned seating, it was overall less comfortable. Although there was AC, it was very poor aka nonexistent. As a result, the front door was actually left open to help it stay “cool”.

Also there is no wifi at this time, but perhaps that’s just because it’s still pretty new. As I mentioned though, the music was spot on, which always makes a place more comfortable.

Coffee (4)

The coffee here is excellent as you can imagine. As I wrote in the previous review, these baristas are good. One of them actually won a barista competition for Jogja, and they have won an award for best coffee art. These are true baristas.

The only knock is the lack of brewing methods, but at least that means that they’re pros at what they have. Also note that this location does have an Aeropress, although not on the menu, which leads me to believe the other might as well.

The barista actually made me an Aeropress brew for free with the same coffee I had just ordered but with V60 just so I could compare them. What a guy!

Price: 20k

Brewing Methods: Aeropress, V60

Single Origin? yes

Overall Rating: 3

Recommended? Yes

Not quite as good as the first Lagani shop I visited but still pretty awesome. I definitely recommend stopping by here on your next visit to Malioboro, although perhaps it isn’t the best place to hang around a long time because of the lack of AC and Internet.


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Address: Jl. Tirtodipuran 56, Yogyakarta