I’ll begin by saying this coffee shop is going to be extremely difficult to review. With that said, this place is definitely worth a visit, regardless of the final grade it gets (I’m still trying to figure that out as I type this…). You won’t regret spending your next hour here.

Character (4)

I find it difficult to give it anything other than a 10, but not in the same way as the other shops. It’s not for decoration or music or architecture. I walked into this shop, and I felt like I walked into a coffee museum or like I stepped into the beginning of a coffee tour/lesson on a coffee plantation. It’s like I left Jogja and was transported to a plantation up on the Ijen plateau, the Sumatran coast, or way out east in Papua.

Anyways, they have their own little roaster inside, and the baristas do all they can do to teach you about coffee. One drawback though…all the teaching is in Indonesian (although they can communicate some in English), so by not speaking Indonesian, I definitely missed out on a lot. I did, however, get to see green beans (pre-roasted coffee) for the first time and see a batch get roasted. They also frequently visit the coffee plantations that they buy from. They are actually now visiting a plantation in Sumatra.

I must say that my entire time there was full of confusion because it was so different than a coffee shop. I didn’t really know what to do. There is no menu. How I got my coffee was the barista asked me if I liked my coffee with more bitterness or acidity and some stuff about espresso/Americano before I told him I wanted a brew. He then grabbed a Papua coffee and brewed it V60 style (more on that later). To pay, you just drop your money in a bucket and leave. Like I said, it feels more like I was at a coffee plantation at the start/end of a tour than a coffee shop.

Also, I will say it’s not super nice right now. It’s kind of junky, but that’s because they moved locations a couple months ago. Below I have included the plan found on their blog. Right now the first floor is seemingly done, but the second floor is just mats to sit on (there is also a sheltered tiled area just outside the building to sit, no chairs/tables). It seems like it will be pretty awesome in a few months.

Design plan for renovation (found on blog)

Comfort (N/A)

I cannot really give a grade here because as it is now, it’s not really a coffee shop to come and chill. It’s more of a museum. People go to learn about coffee and the farmers that it comes from. By the plan above, it seems it will become much more of a lounge place in the future. I will say that it was very welcoming though. I went to read, but wound up talking to one of the baristas and another customer for all of my time there.

Coffee (4)

I was torn between giving it a 10 or an 8, so 9 it is! Here’s why. The coffee is great. It’s roasted in house and ground just before it’s brewed. The only knock is that you don’t really choose how it’s made (or maybe you can, but like I said, I was so confused when I walked in and it wasn’t a traditional coffee shop like I expected). Needless to say, they only serve coffee black here (I think), although I do not find that to be a negative.

One thing to note: their V60 brewing style is very different than any I have seen or read. They agitate the coffee a lot by using a continuous pour of quick pulses in the center of the bed and end with a larger volume smooth pour (n0t the same as what is commonly referred to as the pulse pouring technique which just pours the water in “batches” instead of continuously). I cannot compare the result directly with a more traditional pour, but from my experiences, I would say this resulted in a more extracted, smooth and mellow brew (a bit more like that of the AeroPress) than what is commonly found in a V60 brew (which usually really brings out a more sharp brew with much higher notes). Personally I really liked it, although it wasn’t quite as complex. Some might say it produced a more boring brew.

Price: 15k (cheapest so far by 5k!)

Brewing Methods: manual espresso and V60 (maybe more…? I did see an Able Cone filter in there! Maybe if you go in knowing what you want, they can do it for you.)

Single Origin? Yes. Handpicked from visits to the plantations and roasted in house!

Overall Rating: 4

Recommended? Yes

I definitely recommend visiting this shop, but go with the mindset that it will be more like a tour/museum than a coffee shop. There is nothing else like it in all of Jogja (or even throughout most of America). With that said, the current location is very new and will certainly get much better.

My only wish was that I could understand the barista explain about the roasting, plantations, and all the other wonderful things about coffee. These guys are experts in all things coffee, not just baristas.


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Address: Jl. Kaliurang KM. 7,8, Gang Bima, Sinduharjo, Ngaglik, Kec. Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55581, Indonesia