This has been number one on my priority list to go to for quite a while now. Today, I finally made it here. I will say right off the bat, this shop is Top 5 and will probably stay there.

Character (4)

This shop reminded me so much of something you would find in America in a college town. It was full of students and is perfect for doing work in. It’s simple but cool. They’ve got a big bookshelf jutting out into the room too, which is awesome! Definite bonus points there. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures, but take heart! I found some great ones on the interwebz.

I need not say more…

Comfort (4)

The AC is bomb in this place! (And I was there on a very hot day) The music was on point too. So good! It was bright and just felt good. It just felt comfortable, except my butt hurt a little…The chairs, although most are cushioned, are still kind of hard. There are two facing couches though, so if you snag that, pure heaven! (Update: there are some pretty great chairs behind the bookcase — my favorite place)

Coffee (4)

I had one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever drank here, albeit it might not have actually been the best quality. Maybe it’s just because I suffered through a giant mug of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee yesterday…Seriously though, I’ve only tried Chemex twice (including this time), but it just might be my favorite brewer. (Update: Since then, I have definitely had my best cup ever here.)

Two things keep this from being a 10. First off, the price comes in at 30k, making it the second most expensive cup to EPIC. Secondly, there is only one choice for single origin coffee, the “special of the day”, although it is international (I had Columbian). That is pretty unusual around these woods. (Update: There are actually usually two or three coffees and usually Indonesian)

Price: 30k (Update: 20k for Indonesian coffee, 30k for international)

Brewing Methods: Aeropress and Chemex (I saw a French press though…)

Single Origin? Yes

Overall Rating: 4

Recommended? Yes

I absolutely recommend this place. Being the cheap guy that I am, the higher price tag hurts, but it’s quality. If you plan to stay a while, what’s a few extra thousand, right? (Update: no longer the case at the 20k price tag) In terms of comfort of atmosphere, this shop jumps to number one in my book. I’ll definitely be going back! Also great for groups, which can’t be said for all shops, even some of the others at the top of my list. I would even recommend it for dates!


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Address: Jl. Kranggan, Jetis, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55233, Indonesia