High up on my priority list for a while, but I knew little about it. Was it deserving of such a place?

Character (1)

This shop was very simple. It had a very minimalist design. For all those Star Wars fans out there, Darth Vader was painted nice and big on one of the walls. The large front wall of windows and white walls make it very bright inside, which was nice.

There is also a bunch of seating out front, which would be good on a cool day with a group of friends.

Comfort (2)

There is a nice, big couch that looks awesome. Sadly, I was subjected to a terrible table. The table was so low, I couldn’t stick my legs under it, making it terrible to do work at. Definitely go for the couch if you can.

The AC was superb though.

Coffee (2)

They have single origin, but when I went all the jars were empty except one. I decided to instead go for the cold brew for the first time in Jogja. Big mistake. Although I’m no cold brew expert (or coffee for that matter), it came out tasting super stale and quite gross. A part of me wonders if it was actually cold brew or just hot brewed coffee stored away in the fridge. I’m just thankful it came with a cup of water…I’m sure the V60 was much better though.

Price: 18k

Brewing Methods: V60, Vietnamese Drip, cold brew

Single Origin? Yes

Overall Rating: 1

Recommended? No

There is nothing special about this shop (unless you love Star Wars), but there are quite a few drawbacks. Nothing here makes me want to come back.



Address: 34, Jl. Cemp., Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia