Here I am, one week removed from my “Coffoliday” — that’s what I’m calling my two week Christmas vacation. During those two weeks, I went to just over ten coffee shops, bringing my total number visited to over twenty. I have given them each a rating and a ranking, but that seemed incomplete to me. Each shop has their own strengths and weaknesses. So without further ado, here are my coffee shop superlatives for Jogja so far.

Best Coffee: Lagani No.4
Cheapest (single origin) Coffee: Kopi Ketjil
Most Comfortable: Blanco Coffee and Books
Best for Doing Work: Blanco Coffee and Books
Best for Groups: Lagani No.8
Best for Dates: Blanco Coffee and Books
Most Character: Blackbone
Best Baristas: Lagani (all)
Best Coffee Knowledge: Klinik Kopi
Best for Kopi Luwak: EPIC*
Best “All-Day” Shop: Blanco Coffee and Books

And I will cut it off there. Hopefully that gives you a good overview on the coffee scene in Jogja. As you can see, my favorite right now is no doubt Blanco with it winning many categories. At the end of the day though, it’s hard to really go wrong. Find your niche. Jogja really does have a strong coffee game.

*I have actually yet to try kopi luwak, but EPIC will be the place where I do. I have no doubt that it will be authentic arabica kopi luwak and brewed well.

**You can find links to the coffee shops’ website/social media on their review page. Just click their link.