Do you remember the best cup of coffee that you’ve ever drank? Is there one that stands out above the rest of the crop? Have you drank you best cup yet? Or are you still waiting? Searching? Hoping?

Well I have found mine. I can say — without a doubt — it’s the best cup of jo I’ve ever drank. So how do I know? Because it changed my life! No not really…it was still just a cup of coffee, but it stood out head and shoulders from among the rest.

So what was it?

It was a naturally processed Malabar (West Java, Indonesia) coffee brewed with a Chemex.

It all started last Monday after lunch. I hopped on my motorbike and headed on out, but I was hit by a sudden rain storm. Of course it was the one day that I didn’t have my rain gear…I was forced to turn back. After changing clothes and suiting up, I hit the road once more. Sadly, my rain jacket didn’t hold up quite as well to the rain as normal. My arms and stomach were soaked…BUT I made it!

I sat down on the couch, excited to have my first cup of specialty coffee in a week.

My first sip.

Immediately I was hit with the strikingly clear and intense flavor of blueberries (and maybe a touch of orange). This was not only delicious, but also exciting because I could actually pinpoint the flavor!

Several minutes later I take a sip after it had cooled a bit.

Again, I was hit with a very familiar taste. It was clear as day, but I couldn’t put a name to it. Then it hit me! Dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. Literally the scene where I first ate them came to mind so vividly because of how clear the taste was. I don’t know what was better, the taste or actually being able to identify such a specific flavor profile.

These flavors are something that I used to laugh about not long ago. “I love how the coffee is described as lemon citrus”, I would say completely sarcastically because it actually tasted nothing like that (to me). I am beginning to taste those things now. That is super exciting to me.

I don’t know how long this cup will remain as my best, but man was it good!