Recently, I have started to occasionally email my fiancee (because I’m in Indonesia and she’s in America) links or little tidbits of things that I’ve read or just interested me during the week. It was while sitting in my favorite coffee shop today doing just that that the idea came to mind to share it with y’all. Perhaps you will enjoy the different articles and things related to coffee that I find interesting.

The American Press

This has fascinated me for a long time now. I want to buy one so bad but just can’t get myself to do it. I can’t wait to read reviews on it once it gets shipped out in May though. If you’re getting one, let me know!

Story on DailyCoffeeNews: Meet the American Press


Some FREE music from the week I have discovered is:

Judah and the Lion — One of my favorite bands

Wisdom and Folly

Alice Way

I found the last two while looking for Angus and Julia Stone. My favorite coffee shop plays them all the time, but unfortunately they are not available in the American iTunes store…(they’re Australian). I am looking into how to buy their music from the Indonesian iTunes store though.

Coffee and Cannabis

What in the world…perhaps it’s just because I’m against marijuana use in general, but this just seems really weird to me and a little uncalled for. Thoughts?

Grumpy Cat Roasted Coffee

For all those fans of the grumpy cat meme, now you can have your very own grumpy cat specialty coffee.

Black Tap Coffee: From Retail to Roasting…

I find this interesting because I will be spending my honeymoon in Charleston, SC this upcoming May. From what I read though, this is perhaps the best coffee shop in the historic city of Charleston.

Black Tap Coffee Website


“A ‘babyccino’ is a coffee drink for babies, made of either a small decaf cappuccino or just steamed milk and foam…”

I like coffee as much as the next guy, but perhaps this is a little too far…