As always, here is the latest in all things coffee that I found interesting from last week. Enjoy!

Cool Coffee Video

This short video encompasses many different areas of coffee. It starts off talking about coffee being grown in California, and then leads into cupping, roasting, and brewing. Definitely worth a watch.

Coffee in Richmond, VA

I found this interesting just because I am from the Richmond area. It’s interesting to read though because it would seem that Richmond is a coffee city in the making.

Roast Lab — Ironclad Coffee

Black Ivory

Black ivory is essentially elephant poop coffee. Similar to Luwak coffee, coffee is fed to elephants, and it is later collected, roasted, and brewed. It’s said to be the most expensive coffee in the world.

Handmade Coffee Equipment

Here is a collection of some pretty cool handmade coffee kettles and such made in Australia. Check out his website here.

Death Wish Coffee Super Bowl Commercial

Just in case you missed it during the Super Bowl, here is the commercial from Death Wish Coffee. They won a contest to get in on the show. I must say it’s a pretty good commercial.