Beans Lab aka Coffindo aka Coffice. I’m not really sure what the real name is…I feel like I saw several different signs with each name. Anyways, this has been on my list for some time now. I was excited when I SMS’ed my friend to meet up, and he suggested this shop. Sadly as it turned out, he did not join me, but I still enjoyed it without him!

Character (3)

It was nice inside. They had some pretty cool wall murals. The barista counter was well done. I must say though, the place could have done without so much wood. That’s coming from someone that loves the look of wood. It’s just that everything was just plain timber.


Comfort (2)

This place was not very comfortable. The seats were crate benches. There were several bar seats which weren’t bad, but they were next to the stereo. Because of that, the music was super loud. However, it was good music. It would be hard to talk next to it though and hard for me to read.

On top of that, the AC was not very good. Wifi = untested.

Coffee (3)

They have many selections, so they definitely have that going for them. They also have a number of special coffee drinks and some special blends, which is unique. It also comes in at a good price. It’s also the first place that I have found to have the Kalita Wave dripper. I will say though that my coffee was not that great. I ordered Toraja, and it was quite boring. It was pretty weak and even a little bitter.

Price: 15k

Brewing Methods: Siphon, AeroPress, French press, Vietnamese drip, Kalita Wave, V60

Single Origin? Yes, many

Overall Rating: 3

Recommended? Yes

Yeah, why not? They have a good selection of coffee and brewers at a good price, it’s right next to the historic Jogja Tugu. It’s a good shop to swing by and hang out for an hour or two while you drink your coffee and enjoy the stereo concert inside.


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Address: Jl. P. Mangkubumi, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55232, Indonesia