It’s been a little while, but I am back at it with another weeks worth of interesting posts. Enjoy and feel free to send me things that you think are interesting!

A Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy

I’ve been following the Barista Hustle for a while now, and this seems like it will be really cool and complete guide.

The $6 Cup of Instant Coffee

An interesting idea for sure. I wonder if it was led in any way by Starbucks making 2nd wave-esque instant coffee… It makes me wonder how good instant coffee can be if really cared for. I’ve seen a similar approach to redeeming robusta beans by giving more attention to the process.

10 Cool AeroPress Posters

Some cool posters from AeroPress competitions around the world. I’d hang ’em on my wall. Sadly it’s a cruel reminder that I will be in Singapore one week too early to see the competition…

Stuff to Dunk in Coffee

A humorous article. If you were wondering whether or not shrimp tastes good dunked in coffee, this is a must read!