It’s that time again for another week’s worth of interesting reads from the web. Enjoy!

Blue Bottle Canned Cold Brew

Blue Bottle Coffee just released their canned cold brew coffee. Anyone try it yet?


Is Coffee Flour the Next Big Superfood?

Interesting read about turning the coffee cherry into flour. Sounds pretty awesome to me! But hey, I’d buy coffee toilet paper if they sold it…


New Orleans’ Basement Coffee Speakeasy

A little article about an interesting little coffee shop in the historic city of New Orleans.

The Honest Coffeeman: Hario V60 or Kalita Wave?

If you’re like me, you’ve desperately surveyed the web to find the best pour-over device. It usually comes down to these two (and the Chemex). Here’s a pretty good look into the two, although spoiler alert. Just like every other review, it’s really up to the user’s preference.

The French Press…refreshed!

Nothing too extraordinary here, but it’s pretty cool. They did a great job at revamping the classic porcelain design, including a large selection of designs (plain white pictured). It’s always fun to find new coffee projects on kickstarter and indiegogo.