The first time that I ever went to a coffee shop was just about two years ago. Oh how long ago that seems! The coffee shop was named Shenandoah Joe. They actually supplied much of the coffee for different places around the town of Charlottesville, VA; home of the Hoos and my university, the University of Virginia. GO HOOS! Anyways back to coffee.

We walked in, and I looked up at the menu. WOW. Who knew coffee shops sold so much stuff! After giving up on the menu, I simply said to the barista,

“I’d like black coffee.”

“Would you like pour-over?”

“I don’t know…I just want black coffee.”

“So you want one of our drafts?”

I don’t want beer, I thought…

“I want black coffee.”

“Ok here are the two coffees we have on draft today. Which one would you like?”

“I don’t know…I’ll take the Mandheling, Sumatra I guess.”

After getting our coffee, we sat down outside and Seth explained to me what pour-over was. Ahhh…what a great memory!

Since that day, Seth began to disciple me in all things coffee. It was all so interesting to me, even before I really liked coffee. Later on, Shenandoah Joe became Lawrencia (my fiancee) and I’s favorite place in town, where we could be seen every Wednesday morning sipping on Costa Rican and Sumatran brews respectively.

So do you remember your first trip into a coffee shop? I’d love to hear about it!!