When my love for coffee began, I began to scour the Internet for all things coffee. I ended up reading many different websites to learn new things. Here are a few of the websites that I frequent often and find to be the most interesting and helpful.


Perfect Daily Grind

This is without a doubt, my favorite coffee website out there. They’re routinely posting new articles each week about many different topics. It’s a must visit! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t read just about every article on here.


This was the first website that I found that I loved. Again, it covers all sorts of things. Check it out!

Roasty Coffee

This site includes a lot of lists and comparisons, so it’s great for a new coffee guy/gal. The only issue is that some of the lists seem to be kind of controversial…

Brewing Coffee Manually

Not only is this interesting, but it’s written from the view of somebody that just entered the manual brew world. Because of that, he offers an interesting take and some great advice!

Coffee Brew Guides

Another blog that I’ve scanned the archives way back to the start. Three years ago, he didn’t even like coffee. Now he works at a coffee shop and writes a bunch of guides for pretty much any brewing device and other interesting articles. I also enjoy how he will showcase interesting new brewers from crowd-funding sites.


Espresso and Coffee Guide

This pretty much has everything you could ever want to know. It has a massive glossary of different terms and really lays out a lot of information in a pretty efficient way.

The Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy

So I’ve never actually really looked at this much…it’s really new (as seen by the beta label), but it seems like it could be pretty awesome in the future!

Seattle Coffee Gear

It’s a little different from the other two in this section, but I didn’t know where to put it. This site is loaded with pretty much every piece of coffee equipment known to man with reviews on it all. Great resource!


Daily Coffee News

A lot of the stuff from my news series, “The Bloom”, comes from these two sites. They have a bunch of interesting news about different coffee shops and trends. At first I didn’t really find coffee news all too interesting, but after growing tired of brew guides, I turned back to them. They’re awesome!


I Brew My Own Coffee

While I can’t say I’ve listened to a lot of coffee podcasts, this is one that I have found. I think it’s pretty interesting from what I’ve heard so far, and it’s labeled clearly, so you know what they’re going to talk about (not always the case). Give it a listen!

Other Cool Sites

Department of Brewology

They have a pretty cool store to check out from shirts to posters.

I love Coffee

Home of the coffee infographics. This is a pretty entertaining site to survey for facts for sure.