I originally found this coffee shop when googling best coffee shops in Singapore. Sadly it was almost four kilometers from my hostel, so I decided not to go…until I realized that the Singapore Regional AeroPress Championships were being held there! I decided to go, and it was well worth it!

Character (4)

The atmosphere is very much like an ol’timey diner. It’s got a super long wooden bar with a few taps for hot water. It’s got a cool look to it and the music matches perfectly to the style of the room. Even the way they served the coffee was unique and very cool, and they give you an interesting little bottle of water alongside your order.

Also to note, they have a training room there for classes I think as well as FREE cupping every Wednesday!

Comfort (3)

The seating is mostly bar-like, so the comfort is a little lacking. There is no lounge area. The AC works super well though, and the music is great, but not distracting. Wifi was good (although I think it was from next door), but there are no outlets…

Coffee (3)

The coffee was excellent. The only down side is that the selection was limited. There was only one kind at the base price, with others being increasingly more expensive. Also they only brew on Kalita Wave, so again…not much variety.

Price: 6 SGD (some upwards of 14 SGD)

Brewing Methods: Kalita Wave

Single Origin? yes but limited

Overall Rating: 4

Recommended? Yes

Yes! I recommend this place for sure. There are multiple awards in the shop including best roastery in Singapore in 2015. It’s the real deal. I must say that the food, juice, and desserts also looked delicious, although I did not try any. Stop waiting around and check it out!


Website — Facebook — Instagram — Twitter

Address: 22 Martin Road, #01-00, Singapore 239058