After one week off, we’re back with the Bloom No. 6! There has been a lot of juicy content over the last two weeks, so I’ve had to edit it down a bit. Here is what I deemed to be some of the best!

Are Breast Milk Lattes Just a Novelty?

Wait…what? Since when was this a thing??? This is just plain weird. No description needed.

Junction Coffee: Now Brewing on a Double Decker Bus in OKC

On a brighter, less weird note, this seems pretty awesome. If I lived in Oklahoma City, I’d be all over this. People took a double decker bus from the UK, shipped it to America, drove it to OKC, and made a coffee shop out of it. Seriously…that’s awesome! Wow…


Free Public Cuppings

Obviously this isn’t all-inclusive, but I found this cool resource to check out if you’re interesting in cupping coffee. There you will find a map of where you can go for FREE.


Torch Donut Dripper

Here’s a cool little pour over device. Unfortunately it’s a bit pricy for shipping internationally though…


Pour Over Brewing | Podcast

This is a cool podcast I listened to this week about pour over brewing with emphasis on V60, Chemex, and Kalita Wave. This is also my favorite coffee podcast to listen to overall.