I found this coffee shop for one simple reason. It was on the ground floor of the hostel that I stayed at, which by the way, is a great hostel to stay at for super cheap. Anyways, this coffee shop is definitely one of the reasons I decided to stay there again, especially since you get a 20% discount. That’s significant in a city as expensive as Singapore.

Character (4)

This place definitely carries with it the eclectic theme, and they do it well. There are two rooms. The front one is pretty typical coffee shop. The back is much more of a lounge with nice couches and an opaque plastic roof to let in light. It’s also interesting how they turned wooden palettes into tables.

They used to keep the wifi and password on floppy disks (yes you heard me right!) at each table, but sadly, I think they have done away with that…It’s still cool though.

Comfort (4)

The AC works pretty well, but the front is left open. Because of that, it is a little warmer inside. The back is super comfortable, and the front definitely has some comfy seating too. I enjoyed the music there as well. I stayed for hours with no discomfort whatsoever.

Coffee (2)

Sadly, they only offer espresso drinks, which is why the grade is so low…but I had a long black, and it was really good. I’m not much of an espresso drink kind of guy outside of cappuccinos, but it was good.

Price: 5 SGD (4 if you stay there!)

Brewing Methods: espresso only

Single Origin? no

Overall Rating: 3

Recommended? Yes

I do recommend this shop, but don’t go expecting a nice pour-over brew. It’s well worth it and a good deal for coffee in Singapore. I really want to give it a higher grade, but I simply cannot because of the coffee (or lack thereof). Check it out if you’re near Arab St!


Website — Facebook — Instagram

Address: 48 Arab St, Singapore 199745