I friend told me about this shop a long time ago. I immediately knew that I wanted to go, but it was kind of far away. I ceded that I would probably not go before I return to the U.S., but then the other day, an opportunity opened up. I was excited to go to check out this unique shop.

Character (4)

Literally everything in this place is white. Because of that, it’s super bright with natural light from the front window bouncing off everything. It also makes for some pretty interesting pictures with great contrast. They had cotton on vases on some of the tables, and a vase with a fish and flowers in it on another. It was pretty cool and unique. It’s also a really good size.

Oh and of course I have to mention how you brew your own coffee or espresso here! That makes it even more intriguing and the main reason that I wanted to go. I must admit though that it was a bit underwhelming because I really didn’t do anything. It required no skill because all you really do is pour water into the walkure, which doesn’t require any precision. It could be cool to try your hand at latte art though!

Comfort (3)

It was nice. I must say again that the brightness of the place was awesome. I love natural light, so that made it very comfortable. The music was really good too. They have a few books and things to read there if you didn’t bring anything. The AC works well, but I don’t think there is any wifi.

The seating is not ideal for staying super long, but not bad either. We stayed for like 2.5 hours no problem. Great place to hang out with friends.

Coffee (3)

My coffee was delicious! But how could it not be since I brewed it, right? But seriously it was really good. I had an Ethiopian natural coffee that was awesome. It is limited to only a couple coffees though and only the walkure to brew on and is pricey.

Price: 30k

Brewing Methods: walkure

Single Origin? yes (internationals also)

Overall Rating: 4

Recommended? Yes

No doubt I recommend this place. It’s uniqueness alone is a draw. It’s look is entirely in it’s on class. It’s the only shop that I know of in Jogja that allows you to brew your own coffee (although I’m sure you could elsewhere if you want…they’ve asked me before if I wanted to). They have great, high quality coffees to brew with great taste descriptors to help you choose. Why not go and check it just one time?



Address: Jl. Tirtodipuran 46

Hours: Mon-Sun, 0800-2100