This is a brand spankin’ new coffee shop in Jogja. It opened not even two weeks ago! With that said, my barista friend Qiqi from Lagani was posting about it. I later found out she is the owner! (Update: not anymore…she now owns He & She Coffee) This is the same Qiqi that you may know as being the best female barista in Jogja. Anyways, I have wanted to check it out since it opened, and I finally got a chance!

Character (2)

It’s a cool place. At first I’ll admit. I was a little confused because the building with the sign has no coffee…then I realized the brewing station is in the adjacent building. It’s really not as confusing as it seems. It’s pretty obvious actually. It turns out that other room was the VIP room. I’m not sure what that means in regards to if you have to reserve it or not, but it was pretty cool and comfy looking in there.

The rest of the place was very simple, which I like. The front wall is open with a bunch of tables under an overhang. It’s a nice design with a cool bar. Highly recommended to hang out at night or in the morning especially…or during rain! Where it really shines is the patio area.

They have interesting drinking ware. The serving vessel is like a vase, which was cool. I will say that the cup is a little strange and small. Not a big deal though.

Comfort (2)

It was nice. The bar stools were cushioned and were very comfortable. Other seating is composed of pretty normal chairs. The VIP was loaded with couches that looked pretty comfy, but as mentioned before, I’m not sure if you have to reserve that with a group or not. Even if so, I’m sure they would let you in if it’s not being used.

Because of the open front, there is no AC. Keep that in mind on hot days. Often times that’s actually a good thing though because you do not want to be in a coffee shop with bad AC. It can be hotter inside than outside.

Wifi is unknown, but the music was really good. I would say that much of the comfort comes from the friendly baristas and just overall nice atmosphere.

Coffee (4)

I’ve always said that Lagani has the best coffee in Jogja because of the good baristas, led by Qiqi. Opique is led by the same breed of expert baristas (including some from Lagani and Epic). Needless to say, I was very pleased with my coffee and at a great price! (although a small portion). My only complaint is that they don’t have a Chemex…again though. Not a big deal because V60 is good too!


Price: 15k (pour over), 18k (AeroPress) — other methods may vary

Brewing Methods: V60, AeroPress, French press, cold brew

Single Origin? yes

Overall Rating: 3

Recommended? Yes

Some shops just feel good. That’s Opique. Perhaps I’m a little biased because I kind of know the baristas, but that’s part of why it’s so great! They’re so friendly. I don’t actually really know them much at all, but I feel like they’re friends. Isn’t that what coffee and coffee shops is all about?

The biggest knock against it is the lack of AC (although some people might prefer the open front), but that’s negated if you go early/late, on a cool day, or if you get into the VIP lounge.

Check it out!



Address: Jl.Colombo No.26, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hours: 0800-2300