This week is a special week in the Bloom. You may know that SCAA2016, the specialty coffee expo, was just held in Atlanta, Georgia. Because of that, much of the news comes from that, which also held many US coffee championships.

AeroPress Championship Posters For Sale

If you’ve never scene an AeroPress championship poster, Google it right now! They’re pretty awesome, and we should all be glad that they are a thing. I really enjoy this one below! Anyways, some are for sale at the above site. Check it out!


Dating a Coffee Lover? 5 Things You Need to Know

As a pretty new coffee lover myself, I really enjoyed this and found much of it to be spot on.

And as promised, all things SCAA2016

Like I said, there were many championships held there. There were also many new products unveiled and just a lot going on in general. Oh how great it would have been to be there!

2016 US Barista Champion


2016 US AeroPress Champion


2016 Barista, Brewing, and Roasting Results

The results from three of the championships (AeroPress not included here).

SCAA Daily Edition from #SCAA2016

These are four different issues with different stories and interesting things from the events. Definitely worth a quick scan at least.