Here is another post full of a random assortment of coffee news, gadgets, and history. Enjoy!

The History of Italian Espresso: How Well Do You Know Your Coffee History?

This is a cool little history on the origins of espresso. How much of it do you know?


Coffee Grounds Make An Excellent Carbon Neutral Fuel

I want some of this! I don’t know about you, but I would love to say my home is heated by coffee and to grill some chicken breasts over some coffee briquettes.


8 Beautiful Ways to Prepare Coffee at Home

If you love looking at beautiful coffee equipment, check these out!


Death Before Decaf Mug

This is a pretty cool collaboration between Department of Brewology and Not Neutral announced during the SCAAs. It’s currently in the pre-order stage, but I must say. I love the Lino style mug by Not Neutral.