The following coffee was brewed using Prima Coffee’s instructions for creating a cold drip brewer your AeroPress. I’ve made a number of small batches using this method already. Here I will share some of my experiences on why I like it and what’s wrong with it. Before I continue though, I will say that this is my preferred method over immersion brewing.

When I say that I make small batches, I mean it. I usually brew with only 20g of coffee and 200-225g of water. However, that’s all I’ll say about that. My objective isn’t to give a recipe, but rather bring this cold brewing option to your attention and give some advice.

What I Like

  • It makes a great coffee concentrate. I’m usually a black coffee drinker, but I find this concentrate delicious when mixed with a little sugar and milk (even with the cheapest coffee known to man!).
  • While it’s brewing, my room is filled with a sweet coffee aroma straight from heaven.
  • It brews quickly.
  • Easy set-up and clean-up.

What I Don’t Like

  • The drip rate seems to be nearly impossible to regulate. This makes repeatable results completely out of question. One minute it’s dripping too fast, leading to water build up as more drips in than drips out. This also lends itself to weak coffee. Thirty minutes later it’s stopped completely, and I have to reopen the hole. I’m sure you could avoid this by creating a better hole, but I found it very difficult to make a suitable and consistent hole.
  • While it’s brewing, my AeroPress is out of service…
  • Makes small batches (although not really a problem most of the time)

Although there are a lot of positives, the one negative is pretty big. Usually I have to be constantly checking it to make sure it’s still dripping at an acceptable rate. With that said, I’ve still gotten better results than with immersion cold brew (although perhaps just from a lack of experimentation), but there’s got to be a better way.

Cold drip towers are so simple, I’m really surprised there is not some DIY guide to make your own using standard materials (not the overly expensive Yama glass parts). That’s something that I fully intend on doing sometime in the near future. I mean…how hard could it be?