Double Digits! I’m back with the 10th edition of the Bloom, full of the latest news, products, and interesting coffee reads.

This Machine Makes Cold Brew In Less Than 10 Minutes

Here is an interesting new brewer by Pique set to hit Indiegogo next month for crowdfunding. The target ship date would be late 2017 if all goes well. With an anticipated price point anywhere from $250-$500, would you buy it?


How Should You Brew Iced Coffee? (Huffington Post)

Here’s a pretty simple explanation of the different ways to make iced coffee with some pretty cool pictures to go along with it.


Coffee Fashion on the Trade Show Floor at SCAA 2016

On a completely different note, here is kind of a funny article about coffee fashion on the floor at the SCAAs this year. How do you and your local baristas measure up? 😛

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