Here’s another round of interesting articles and products that I hope you find as interesting as I did!

These New Wave Tampers Are Everything Right Now

I’m not too up on my espresso since I’m not a barista and am not about to buy an espresso machine for my home, but who knew there’s so much that goes into tampers! There’s an automated one on here that costs $1,600! I’m all about consistency, but there’s a point where it’s just too far. To me, I think that’s it!

SCAA Atlanta 2016 – Recap by Prima Coffee

Here is another great recap of the SCAAs because why not relive it?

3 Delicious Coffee Mocktails from Madcap Coffee

I still have never had the pleasure of ever trying a specialty coffee drink or mocktail, but I think they are so interesting. Now that I returned home to Virginia, hopefully I can change that, since I live fairly close to Madcap.


Bairro Alto

I have long heard about the Alto Air, but I just read an article about Bairro Alto expanding. Because of that, I thought I would share their site for anyone that hasn’t already heard about them. They have some pretty unique and cool pour-over cones!