It’s been a long time since the last post, but in light of all things coffee going on in Dublin right now, I figured I should send out a few interesting things I’ve been reading this month. Enjoy!

Need a Hand with Your Pourover? Lulu’s Hopes to Reach the US

Here’s an interesting new pour over device. It looks like it could be great for camping.


A Grinder that Can Detect Stale Coffee Beans? A VIDEO Introduction

This is definitely worth a watch. It’s a cool grinder that just hit kickstarter not too long ago that can apparently notify you of stale beans…

The DuoDrip Filters into the States Through New Nuova Ricambi Distributer

Here’s a cool double layered metal filter pour over cone. It certainly seems like something to check out, especially if you’re not too big on paper filters!


2016 World AeroPress Champion

And of course the new World AeroPress champion as well as the recipes from the top 3, so you can brew like a champion. Looking forward to seeing how the other competitions shake out!