Here’s another installment of The Bloom where I feature interesting things found around the web. Enjoy!

This Porous Ceramic Coffee Filter is One of Japan’s Best Kept Secrets

To me, this seems super interesting because typically in coffee, you have 1 of 3 filter mediums: metal, cloth, or paper. This one’s a game changer because it’s made of ceramic. Check it out! Unfortunately you’ll have a tough time getting your hands on one as they’re not in high production.


Bad News for People Who Love Coffee and Loud Music

An interesting little study, but don’t fret just yet. The caffeine dose tested here is 25mg/kg meaning that a 150lb person would have to drink 1,750mg of caffeine or about 17 cups of coffee!

Kellogg’s NYC a Wacky Testament to the Power of the Cafe Experience

Cafes are becoming so popular, why not one that is centered around Kellogg’s cereals? This sounds pretty awesome to me as a cereal addict, but I can’t say I would be willing to pay up for this presumably high priced cereal.

Coffee BBQ Rub Is Magically Delicious

I’ve seen recipes for coffee meat rub for some time now, but I’ve finally decided that I want to give it a try. Unfortunately I don’t have my grill with me right now, but I’m holding onto this one for the future. If you have a better recipe, let me know, and I’ll try it!