It’s been a long time since the last issue of the Bloom, so I have quite the list of interesting articles this time around. There’s everything from a specialty coffee trolling Instagram to some news from Starbucks to a new cold brew machine. Enjoy!

Firstbuild’s Prisma Machine Vacuums Cold Brew Steep Time Down to 10 Minutes

Like cold brew but hate waiting a day for it to brew? Check out this new machine and perhaps even back it on their website here!


Are you Micro Goats on Instagram? Sprudge Wants to Talk With You

A hilarious troll of specialty coffee by one known as Micro Goats. Do you know him? Are you him?


One Guy, a Mule, and a Coffee Shop

A guy sets up a coffee shop with his mule on the trail. The man shuts him down, but the people are there to save the day. Interesting story.


Coffee on the Battlefield: A Brief American History

Interesting recollection of coffee during the Civil War especially. They actually built muskets with coffee grinders in the butt…


Starbucks Just Made a Bold Non-Coffee Move That Everyone Is Talking About

Big news! Starbucks becomes just a little less corporate and more unique and personal. This is good news!

12 Uses for Coffee Filters (Other Than for Coffee)

Have some extra coffee filters? Here are some things that you can do with them.