For the longest time I was on the market looking for a gooseneck kettle. I read a bunch of reviews and saw all sorts of different styles at all price points. I thought to myself, “Is that $70 kettle really any better than this no name $20 one?” While I can’t say anything about that $20 no name kettle, I have come to realize kettles are not all created equal. Here I will compare two of the more popular, well-priced kettles.

Mario Buono (non-electric) vs. Bonavita (electric, non-variable)

A few Details

Bonavita: ~$55 (also available in stove-top model for ~$33), 1 liter capacity

Hario: ~$35, 1.2 liters capacity

The Good.

Bonavita: It was the cheapest electric kettle on the market, which was important to me since I live in a basement without a kitchen. It is well-known and reliable. It heats up in about 5 minutes. There is also a higher up model available on which you can set the temperature, which is cool.

Hario: It looks great and feels great in your hand with the angle of the handle. It’s very easy to control the pour rate, even at very slow rates.

Both have holes in the lid to stick in a thermometer, which is also helpful.

The Bad.

Bonavita: The pour is not great. It can be difficult to pour slowly. Often times when trying to pour slowly, the water will begin to run back down the spout and make a little mess. Albeit while some of the problem is undoubtedly my inexperience, the kettle carries some of the blame as well. The angle of the handle contributes a little as well.

Plus it really just doesn’t look that great…

Hario: While the stovetop version comes with a great price, the electric one is quite expensive at around $85. For that price, despite it’s inferior pouring, I would most definitely go with the Bonavita variable temperature model.

The Winner

My favorite is definitely the Hario Buono. No doubt. It pours much, much better. I feel much more control at the slow pouring rates needed for pour overs. The handle is at a great angle to provide both comfort and balance, and it’s also very well priced. If you’re really going for it, check out the beautiful copper version!

truly a piece of beauty, ~$100-$120

With that said, the Bonavita is definitely the way to go with electric kettles and performs admirably.

I must say that I was very surprised in the great differences between kettles. Before I thought it was mainly a matter of personal preference on appearance. Once I get more access to a kitchen I just might upgrade, and I must say…the Fellow Stagg kettle seems like a nice option.

comes in matte black, polished steel, and polished copper