Over the last two weeks, I must say that I have come across an wide expanse of interesting material. So much so, it was really hard picking what to include into this edition of the Bloom, but without further ado, here it is! Enjoy.

Let’s Drink Charcoal Coffee in Indonesia

Digging through the Sprudge archives, I came across this. I found it most interesting because I lived in Jogjakarta, Indonesia for a year and am about to move back. Knowing that I loved coffee, all my Indonesian friends would always ask if I had ever tried kopi joss. This is where they drop a piece of red hot charcoal into your coffee, and it’s only available at night. I must say though…I never tried it.


21 Reasons Barista Are Superhuman

Being that I am an official barista now, I had to share this one with all its funny gifs 😉


Back to the Moka Pot (video guide)

This is a video shared by James Hoffman and is really interesting. After watching it, I really want to get one and try it out! James himself also made a video guide a while back with a bit different take on how to do it.


University of California Considering a Coffee Degree

Although this is two years old, I sure hope this is still in the works! There’s also a story about it on NPR found here.