Over the last couple of weeks I have found a plethora of awesome articles. It was super hard to pick just a few, but here they are! Enjoy.

The Cappuccino

So what is a cappuccino? Where did it come from? What does cappuccino mean? All these questions are answered in the article above!


Is This the Worst Coffee Video of the Year

This was a cringeworthy video on so many levels…A news reporter sets out a booth to hold a blind taste test between cheap and expensive¬†coffee. Spoiler: the cheap coffee wins. So many atrocities here…


EXCLUSIVE: We Interview a Pumpkin Spice Latte

I must say laughed several times out loud reading this interview between Sprudgewire and the pumpkin spice latte Facebook bot.


Beauty, Consistency, Longevity: Pull Luxury Espresso Builds ‘100 Year Machines’

These machines are so beautifully awesome! I want one. No…I need one. These manual, propane-powered espresso machines are made to stand the test of time. You can check out their site here.

Adopt a Tree

I’ve heard of “adopt a tree” type things before (i.e. Starbucks current/recent pitch), but this seems to be different. Not only can you buy coffee from the farm of your adopted tree, but you can request how you’d like it roasted. Super cool idea!