I while back I read a blog post (an older post by James Hoffman I believe) detailing all the coffee he had consumed over the course of a month. To me that was very interesting, and it made me wonder about the coffee that I drink. How much do I drink? What do I drink? Being a lover of low-level statistics and charts, I decided to record and compile all the drinks that I consumed from August 19 through September 18 – a total of 30 days. I know you’re probably not as interested in what I consumed as I am, but perhaps this will get you interested in recording what you drink from month to month. What are you drinking, and how much of it? Here’s what I gathered.

Note: Recently I began working as a barista. This has given me access to unlimited free coffee while working, infinitely spicing up these statistics from just the standard cup of morning coffee.


That’s the total amount of coffee/tea drinks that I had over the last 30 days. That breaks down to:

4.1 Drinks per day

66.17 cups of coffee  (1 cup being considered 8oz)

41.33 espresso based drinks

15.5 cups of tea


Jumping into those categories even more, I was curious about the different brewing methods that were used for the “regular” coffee that I was drinking. Those are broken down in the next pie chart. Batch brews reign supreme as I drink a lot of that at work, while the Chemex takes out a large chunk as well as my go-to home brewer.


So now that I’ve seen the brewing methods from the last month, I was wondering what kind of coffee have I been drinking most. Does it match up with what I like best? As you can see in this next chart, Maxwell House dominates. I do brew that at home most of the time, and I find the chemex works surprisingly well with it. With that said, of course it’s still far inferior, but I haven’t yet given into carving a huge chunk into my budget for coffee.

The Dunkin’ Donuts can easily be explained as the coffee they have in the cafe at church.

Ethiopian comes in as the largest single origin, which is accurate to it being my favorite origin. I also really enjoy a good Columbian. The blends are mostly used for iced coffee.


That’s as far as I’m going to go into coffee drinks, but what about espresso drinks? That’s so vague as it is. What did I drink?

Cappuccinos were the overwhelming winner here for a couple reasons. I like them, but also I made a ton to practice latte art. At some points, I would drink three or four of them a shift. It seems to be paying off (see header photo).

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 12.47.41 PM.png

Enough of coffee now. What about coffee’s cousin, the tea leaf? Here’s my tea consumption broken down. I discovered the goodness of Rooibos tea, as well as Jasmine, as perhaps my two favorites. I imagine that will be reflected more next month.


Anyways, that’s all she wrote. I’m going to continue to record my drinks each day. I am excited to see how this next month matches up. Will the same trends continue, or will my coffee diet take a new form? To me this is super intriguing. Now I know why people track their diets beyond just trying to lose weight.