My wife and I had to go out west to Missouri for a conference this week and what do you know…the little known city of Nashville was on route. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity and stayed there overnight. After researching the coffee shops in the area, Barista Parlor won out, and I’ll tell point blank. It did not disappoint.

Character (4)

I think the pictures speak for themselves here. It’s super open with the bar sitting on an island front and center. It’s a huge space but done beautifully as to not lose character. There are beautiful wooden tables of various sizes, dangling Edison bulbs, and a pretty sick pixelated mural of a sailboat along the back wall.


It’s got the retro beach feel. So much so, I swear one of the baristas could totally pass as captain in the next Hollywood blockbuster. Adding to the retro feel is the record player sending music throughout the shop nestled in the corner.

Also as seen in the picture below, this place is perfect for cool days as there are a number of garage doors on the front that open as well as an outdoor patio area.



Comfort (4)

With a ceiling that reaches the heavens and an equally expansive floor space, I loved the openness. Full of fresh air and chill music, it simply felt good. The chairs don’t look particularly comfortable, but I was there for quite some time with no complaints. Not the place to go if you want to lounge though.

Coffee (4)

It was probably the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had, albeit it was after a long road trip with some mystery hotel coffees. I remember saying, “This is just what I needed.” Delicious. It is pricey, but I find it is pretty similar to other specialty pour overs. They also utilize the o so nice customized notneutral lino mugs.


Price: $5

Method: chemex, V60, Hario Woodneck, kuoto drip (predetermined method depending on coffee), Slayer espresso

Single Origin? yes. They even have some geishas.

Overall: 5

Recommended? Definitely

I realize this is the only shop I went to in Nashville, but I’m willing to call it the best. It would certainly be hard to beat, and it’s probably the best shop I’ve been to anywhere as of today. As mentioned earlier, it is pricey though. I do wish they had batch brew to offer some more affordable coffee if I were to ever be a frequent visiter. If you’re like me and just visiting Nashville, it’s definitely worth the money to stop by, and maybe even splurge and grab a cup of geisha to find out what all the fuss is about 😉



Address: 519B Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

Phone #: (615) 712-9766