Whenever I travel to a new city, the first thing I think is, “Do they have good coffee shops?” Usually, I’ll do a fair bit of research online to determine “the best”. When there’s limited time and money, there’s no messing around. That’s how I ended up finding B&M. It seemed from a distance to be the best that Springfield had to offer. Here’s what I gathered when I actually visited.

Character (4)

This shop was small and simple (Maximum Occupancy is only 15), but it’s super cool. The feel totally matches the name with a long wooden table stretching across the center and a sick wooden sliding door dividing the shop from the bathroom and roastery side. It’s got a bit of an intimate, rustic feel to the place, accented with a bright slayer machine.

Comfort (4)

The feel was very personal from the moment I walked in. With it being so small, the baristas were nearby, which led to really easy, natural conversation with them. I really appreciate that. It definitely reminds me of many shops in Indonesia in that regard. As mentioned before, there’s just one long, beautiful communal table with benches as well as a bar with a handful of seats right along the brew bar. It has the feel of a place you could go with no agenda just to hangout with the baristas and other customers.


They’ve got a number of awesome coffee books sprawled out for your reading pleasure as well, which I would definitely take advantage of if I was a local.

Coffee (4)

They had three pour over options: a natural Costa Rican, a washed Kenyan, and a blend. We got the two single origins. To me the Kenyan tasted a flat for a washed African coffee, but the Costa Rican had a great dark chocolate, almond, rasberry flavor. Also they do pour overs using the beautiful and functional Stagg kettle. The barista was also kind enough to let me feel it out some because I’m really considering buying one, which was nice.

Price: $4

Method: V60, Slayer espresso

Single Origin? yes

Overall: 5

Recommended? yes

I’ve been to a lot of good as well as not so good shops. This one definitely stands out in my memory. It seems like it’s reputation grows with me each day. It was just a really good, cozy, personal shop. They’re super friendly and knowledgeable. To me the coffee did seem a little pricey for what it was (I wasn’t super stoked about it). The barista did let us try the Costa Rican espresso, which was really good, so I bet they make some killer spro drinks on their Slayer machine. They also have public cuppings, which is cool, although we just missed it…With that said, I feel confident saying that it’s probably the best shop in Springfield, MO.


Website — Instagram — Facebook — Twitter

Address: 1666 East St. Louis, Springfield, MO 65802