Being a lover of coffee and coffee mugs, I went on a hunt to find the most unique, perfect size, highest quality mugs out there. Here are my results. Treat yourself and a friend to one of these bad boys for Christmas.

Hanselmann Pottery mugs

There are many more where these came from. Check them out!

Joey Mug by Fellow

Literally just announced today that these guys were back in stock, but there are only 200 of each in stock. Grab ’em while you can! Originally only in one size and white, now there are matte black and demitasses!

Stumptown Mazama Mug


Shop directly from Mazama here for many other colors and sizes.

Hasami Corvus Mug


Unfortunately the slick coaster/lid only comes in the gift box though…

Kickapoo Coffee Ceramic Tumbler


Case Coffee Slip Studio Mug


Lumberjack Coffee Hand Thrown Mug


Lino Mug by Notneutral
In grey. See more colors on the site linked above.

There are also many different styles done for coffee shops (Intelligentsia, Madcap, and Barista Parlor pictured below.)

Palm Cup by cgceramics


I found this and others on Etsy. There are loads of good mugs there. I searched “stoneware mugs”.

That’s a wrap. I hope you’ve found a new mug to add to your collection or a friend’s.