On the way back from a wedding, we were going through Baltimore, so of course we had to find a good coffee shop. From her phone, my wife deemed this to be the best. Here’s how it went.

Character (4)

Inside was pretty cool. Super bright. Cool unfinished ceiling. There was a lot of white, kind of minimalist. One thing that was pretty cool was all the merchandise available to purchase as well as different chocolates and bottled drinks.

I really liked the layout. There was plenty of seating, both small tables and long ones, with the bar on an island in the middle. There was also a classroom/cupping room in the back.

They also have some pretty sick merchandise, speaking mainly of their custom ceramic mugs.

Comfort (4)

It was really open, good natural lighting, chill music, and plenty of tables. It was real nice. There’s no lounge seating, but all in all it was pretty comfortable. We stayed for hours, and there was no rush to leave.

Coffee (3)

The rock a modbar for their pour overs (V60). That was interesting to see because I’d never seen one before. Outside of that, it was really pricey with the cheapest pour over coming in at $5.25. They do also serve batch brews for like $3 though. The coffee was good, but the price point was just too high. Maybe that’s just the price point for Baltimore coffee…I don’t know?

Price: $5.25-$6.50

Method: V60 (modbar)

Single Origin? yes. 3 options.

Overall: 4

Recommended? yes

This coffee shop is a great place to go to do work or hang out with friends. I really enjoyed my time there. The only real draw back is the price of the coffee. It’s the most expensive pour over coffee I have come across thus far (minus Singapore). That was a shame, but there is batch brew (by Fetco) to make things more affordable.


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520 Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

Hours: M-Sa: 6:30-8:00, S: 800-6:00