As always, when I travel to a new place, I like to research and visit a new coffee shop. Recently I went to Kuala Lumpur and after some research, I dialed in on X Coffee due to its proximity and quality. Unfortunately the stand alone location was a bit further away, so I went to the one inside of a Japanese store in the Lot 10 mall.

Character (3)

If you’re looking at just the brew bar, it’s pretty awesome. There’s a bulletin board with fliers behind the brew station that throws off the feel (and pictures) a little bit, but it’s super slick. It’s got gold pour over cones, a chrome La Marzocco Linea, matte black Ek-43…good stuff. They’ve also got a cool display table of a bunch of Japanese brewing gear including Kinto and Torch gear.

Comfort (2)

They’ve got about four half circle couches to sit on. It’s nice, but it is in the middle of a giant store, which definitely pulls away from the feel for me.

Coffee (3)

It’s the only coffee shop I’ve been to in Malaysia, so it’s hard to compare, but it is pricey. I ended up going with a batch brewed blend because of that. It was a really sweet and smooth coffee though. My wife’s iced coffee seemed a bit bitter to me though and lacked acidity/sweetness.


Price: RM 23-123 (single origins), RM 10.5, 15 (batch brew small and large)

Brewing Methods: not exactly sure…gold cone filter, batch brew, cold brew, some other Kinto method also

Single Origin: yes. many (about 15) from all over, roasted in Japan

Overall Rating: 3

Recommended? yes

I would recommend it because even though it is expensive, my batch brew was good and not too pricey. I think one reason it’s so expensive is because it’s all roasted and shipped from Japan, but again, it’s the only place I’ve been in Malaysia so this price could be the norm there. I’d love to check out their stand alone location because it seems like it would be awesome.



Address: Shopping Centre, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (3rd floor inside of Isetan the Japan Store)

Hours: 11am-9pm