I stumbled upon this little guy on Kickstarter way back when at the beginning of 2017. I was in the market, so I couldn’t help but go in on the excellent KS deal made by a company with great reputation (Knock). Here’s my quick review.


Look and Feel

As you can see from the photos above, it’s a pretty sleek looking grinder, coming in three colors. It stands at about 6 inches (15cm) tall and fits inside of an AeroPress. It’s also much heavier than I expected. Feels good! It’s easy to hold while grinding with a great silicone grip and a separate silicone holster for the arm  (which can be stretched around an AeroPress during travel…see below).



25g Bean Capacity. Measured using Indonesian beans (medium to low density)

Black Steel Burrs. 38mm, duel mounted burrs, for more stabilization during grinding. Grinds quickly and smoothly. I haven’t counted rotations, but easily under one minute to chew through 25g at V60 grind.

Easily Adjustable and Repeatable. Easy to adjust and remember grind settings by simply turning the lid (stepless adjustment) of the bean hopper. There are numbered markings (1-12 with dots in between) on the lid (see photo above) for easily repeatable settings. For example 3.3 would mean 3 full turns and stop on 3 on the fourth rotation.

This is something Knock is well-known for and certainly beats the method of counting clicks from zero, as so many hand grinders do. That was a big selling point for me and has been great when switching between methods.

Grind Quality

All that’s worth nothing if the grind is bad. Fear not. The consistency of this little guy is great. I’ve noticed a considerable drop in draw down time due to a low number of fines in the grind, so it doesn’t just pass the eye test. The results are there to show for it.

Over that last month or so, brew times have continued to decrease as the burrs has have become more seasoned, even further reducing the fines in the grind. I couldn’t be more happy with the grind quality.

Note: I grind mostly for V60 and occasionally Chemex and AeroPress.


For the price, the Aergrind seems unbeatable. I love mine, and foresee using it for many years to come. As a Kickstarter backer, I feel like I got away with robbery. Full price on Prima is $114.95, which is still a killer deal.

If I ever buy another hand grinder, I will most certainly look at Knock first (maybe the larger Feldgrind…). I can’t recommend this grinder and company enough!

Buy it here! Prima or directly from Knock.

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