I was first attracted to this place by all the custom coffee merchandise (drip towers, hand grinders, etc.) in the window as I was walking by. While it wasn’t the plan to go here, that was enough to make my wife and I stop in to check it out.

Character (4)

It was a really cool place. They had a round table full of different coffees (roasted and green) with cards about them for you to read about it (and buy it!). They also had a number of signature drinks including one called “sweet little rain” (9 SGD), which was an americano with a “cloud” of cotton candy hanging overhead, which “rains” into the cup.

Comfort (4)

The AC was great. The chairs were cushioned, and there were even bean bags upstairs. The floor the ceiling windows around the outer wall brought in some great natural lighting as well. They also have wifi.

It was pretty busy, full of sounds of conversation and light music in the background.


Coffee (3)

My wife got a latte, which was delicious with great latte art. I got an americano, which was good but nothing special. I assume the manual brewed coffee would be quite good, but I couldn’t get myself to shell out 9 SGD for it.


Equipment: La Marzocco Linea, EK43, as well as other grinders

Price: 9 SGD (manual brew), 5-6 SGD (espresso drinks)

Brewing Methods: AeroPress, V60, Clever Dripper, Kuoto Drip

Single Origin? yes, many

Overall Rating: 3

Recommended? Yes

This is a great shop to stop by, especially if you want to try out “sweet little rain.” I can’t give it the top rating because of the high price for manual brewed coffee, but if you prefer espresso drinks, it sits right in line with typical Singapore prices.

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Address: 108 Middle Road, Singapore 188967

Hours: 8am-10pm