Character (3)

This place is huge. There are so many different places to sit. They have a patio outside along with some benches and many tables inside. I like how they use yellow as an accent color. The have an interesting wall mural as well.

Comfort (3)

The Internet and music are good. The chairs are metal but are actually pretty comfortable. I also love the tables. They’re rustic with a touch of blue. For me, I love the front room. While there is no AC, the airflow is great, and it’s super bright. I went on a hot day, and it wasn’t too bad. With that said, I probably would bring my computer to do work in the afternoon…reading and hanging out only.


Coffee (4)

The coffee was very good. It was served with a cool carafe and cork coaster. Also, they rock a La Marzocco Linea, which is always cool to see because that’s what I used in America as a barista.

Price: 18k

Brewing Methods: V60, Vietnamese drip

Single Origin? yes, 3 options

Overall: 3

Recommended? yes

Even though it doesn’t have AC, I really like Yellow Truck. I go there often because it’s nearby my work. It would be great for a large group hangout, especially later in the afternoon or evening.