Mountain Seed Coffee

For the love of coffee and writing by a former Mudhouse Coffee Roasters barista

About Me

My name is Mike, or as some local students call me, Mokidi. I am a recent college grad living out this nine month chapter of my life in the beautiful college town of Jogjakarta, Indonesia. While I am far from being a coffee connoisseur, I am very passionate about the black juice.

The coffee seed was planted in me a couple years ago by a close friend. At the time I didn’t even drink coffee, aside from a free cup every now and again. That’s right. I was a coffee abuser. I was just in it for the caffeine. Anyways he began to disciple me in the ways of coffee, and oddly enough I was excited about it (odd because remember…I didn’t drink coffee yet). That day I learned a valuable lesson. There are other ways to make coffee outside of just by a coffee machine. Mind blown! I was introduced to slow-pour via the Beehouse dripper (that’s what I called pour-over at the time because I couldn’t remember the real name).

Fast forward one year. Now I enjoyed coffee. Every week, my now fiancee, Lawrencia, and I would go on our weekly coffee date to the best coffee shop in town. After trying a couple different origins, I stuck with Mandheling, Sumatra, while she gravitated towards a Costa Rican coffee.

Fast forward one more year, and here I am…in Indonesia, the land of coffee. You cannot think coffee without thinking Indonesia. I mean, the nickname Java even comes from the island of Java. Anyways, you could say my love of coffee has increased exponentially over the last couple months. Much of my free time is spent canvassing the Internet for all things coffee (right now I’m also reading through William Uker’s book All Things Coffee). I find myself wanting every brewer known to man, although sadly, I will have to wait until I return to America to obtain them (except I do have an AeroPress and French press).

When I can, I explore this wonderful coffee city for the best coffee shops, which there are many. Seemingly every shop has at least a couple single origin coffees on hand to brew with any number of manual brewers including V60, AeroPress, Chemex, siphon, French press, etc. It’s been spectacular, especially for gaining experience tasting and comparing. It’s been awesome. I can’t wait to (hopefully) get a bunch of coffee equipment from our wedding registry!

At the end of the day, there are few things better than relaxing in a nice coffee shop with my lady, cup of jo in one hand and a book in the other.


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