Mountain Seed Coffee

For the love of coffee and writing by a former Mudhouse Coffee Roasters barista

Behind the Curtain

So who is the man behind the curtain of “Mountain Seed Coffee”?

My name is Mike Panton.

I am a recent physics grad from the University of Virginia. A while back I moved to Jogjakarta, Indonesia for nine months, but it wasn’t until a few months into my stay in Jogja that my love for coffee really began to materialize.

My journey began a few years ago. I began to drink coffee sometimes because of a volunteer trip I went on. I needed energy. Coffee was free. Thus, I drank it and drank it black I did. For a while after that, I would describe myself as a “free coffee drinker”. If it was free, it was for me. However, I didn’t really enjoy it yet.

Flash forward a bit now. A friend of mine named Seth, a coffee fiend himself, took me to what was really my first coffee shop experience (I had been to Starbucks maybe a time or two before then but who counts that…right?). I was completely lost. I ordered black coffee, and after a little dialogue and moments of confusion, I finally settled on one of the draft coffees of the day.

Later on, me and my wife, Lawrencia, began to frequent that coffee shop on our weekly, Wednesday morning date. It was there that I began to develop an actual love for coffee beyond its utility, however that remained the only time I would drink of the black juice during the week.

Enter Indonesia. After a few months, I experienced an awakening. My inner coffee beast exploded. I soon found out where I could buy an AeroPress, and I began to visit as many coffee shops as possible. I began to spend the nights reading all about coffee from many different websites. I read brew guide after brew guide. I got my hands on William Ukers book, “All About Coffee” and read through all 750ish pages of it.

This inner coffee fiend in me is what gave birth to Bahasa Jo Coffee, now Mountain Seed Coffee. Who knows what it will become. Will it ever be more than a blog? I dream of starting a coffee shop with the same name, and perhaps a brand as well, but who knows what the future shall hold.

In the mean time, I will continue to read, drink, write, and drink all things coffee.

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