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Coffee Shop Reviews

My original purpose of this blog was to record my grand tour of coffee shops in Jogjakarta. As I researched about coffee shops in the area and tried to find which ones I should visit, I found a single blog. They posted about their personal Top 3 to 5 shops. That was helpful, but I thought, “How great would it be if there was something likes this, but MORE?”

It is my hope that Mountain Seed Coffee can be very helpful for anyone staying in Jogja, whether it be longterm or short, to find some must see coffee shops.

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I also expanded to include rankings and a few posts from other cities and countries as well.

The Bloom

But as my love for coffee evolved, I realized that there is an even greater opportunity here. I really enjoy reading about coffee and different news, events, and new products. I thought, “I would love if there was a place to find some intriguing news, blogs, and stories all in one place.” That is why I created the Bloom. It’s my hope that people will read it and develop a greater interest for coffee and support some cool products and such.

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I got this idea a while back while reading All About Coffee by William Ukers. I read about the origin of the name mocha, which was interesting. I decided that I would try to write some simple posts to clear up some myths or misconceptions within coffee. Some may seem obvious for the hardened coffee veteren, but still being fairly new, I can remember when I believed them.



Duels are basically just a side by side comparison of two or more things. Whether it be brewing methods, kettles, coffees, or accessories, I’m looking forward to doing more comparisons in the future.

hario bonavita

Brewing Methods

Although originally not really planned, I wrote a comparison between V60 and AeroPress. I just decided to write that after I order V60 and was given a free cup of AeroPress of the same coffee. That led to more.

Here you will find different brew guides/recipes and even comparison between brewers. It’s not that I believe I am more correct than others, but rather it’s a way to hone my own skills and perhaps benefit others in the process.


Eye of the Barista

Here you will find different things that I am thinking about and learning while working as a barista at Mudhouse Coffee Roasters. They could vary from drink orders to service to ever grander coffee things.

Product Reviews

Here you will find reviews of certain equipment and gear that I have and love. You can find brewing methods here as well as some from accessories.



Here you will find a variety of things such as recaps of different events, my own personal coffee experiences, and just general advice and resources.

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